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Ways to Save & Raise with SwitchAid

SwitchAid - ways to raise funds

Good Causes That Use SwitchAid

SwitchAid - Good Causes that Fundraise

Case Study

Ferryhill Sports & Education Centre

“I am a trustee of The Ferryhill Community Partnership CIO T/As Ferryhill Sports & Education Centre. SwitchAid looked into all of our utility providers & helped us to set up new longer term contracts saving £14,473. SwitchAid have then subsequently presented us with a £5000 grant to help towards to running of our facility, so that we can continue to engage all of our community projects. Highly recommended, very professional.”

Andrew Hubbard, chair of the Ferryhill Community Partnership

Turn Switching Into Fundraising

Good Cause Fundraising

Set up a fundraising page to allow your supporters to raise funds for your cause through Switchaid.

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School Fundraising

Set up a fundraising page to raise funds for your school or chosen cause through parent and business switches.

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Business Fundraising

Raise funds for your chosen cause by engaging with your customers and employees through SwitchAid.

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Got any questions?

Are there any costs to using SwitchAid?

No, there are no costs to us, individuals or businesses. SwitchAid use some of the commissions created by your switch to run and grow, the rest is given to us.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

SwitchAid has an Ofgem Accredited comparison engine for home energy and have relationships with all suppliers across home broadband and mobiles & business energy and telecoms.

Ultimately this means you get access to the same pricing as using any Ofgem Accredited comparison engine or broker.

How does SwitchAid make money?

SwitchAid.org is a not for profit social enterprise which means they run as a business but give their profits back to good causes like us. They aim to give up to 80% of the profits generated from your switch to us, the rest they use to pay their bills, staff and invest in improving SwitchAid.org.

It can be a tough balancing act between giving back and keeping enough to run, so if they keep too much money we will put the excess profits into a foundation. We can then apply for that money…it’s their way to make sure the most money possible goes back to good causes like us.

This sounds too good to be true - what is the catch?

There isn’t one, really – you get access to the same prices through their supplier relationships and Ofgem Accredited Comparison engine as you would through any other comparison website or broker.

There are £millions in profits being made by businesses every year, SwitchAid. was set up to put some of that money back into good causes like us.

How do we know the money raised is being used ethically?

All funds raised through SwitchAid are given back in the form of a grant. This means we track your funds are being spent as your chosen cause is required to send evidence at a later date.

How do I know how much I have raised?

The amounts raised by individual are shown on the comparison page for energy, broadband and mobiles.

As business energy and telecoms are a little more complex, they are quoted using our specialist teams. Businesses are show you how much you will raise at the time of quoting.

When will you receive the funds I have raised?

Switchaid.org send us the money 3 times per year (April, August & December). When SwitchAid receives the funds raised from your switch, they will be added to the next grant period.

Nurseries - SwitchAid

Child’s Play Private Nursery

“We will be using the additional funds given to us from SwitchAid to freshen up our new nurseries. Some paint throughout will make a world of difference and give the families a feeling of positive as they transition from the old owners to the new. Thank you again to SwitchAid, you were a huge help from the start which meant concentrate on setting up and running my new nurseries.”

Laura Davies – Managing Director

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