About Us

SwitchAid.org was set up to support charities & Not for Profits by reducing core running costs (Energy & Telecoms) and raising additional funds for the sector (by giving back commissions given for the switch).

It has grown to become a national fundraising scheme for good causes throughout the country.

Dom Ryan
Co-Founder - Energy Specialist

Michael Gibbons
co-founder - telecoms specialist

David Judge
Co-Founder - Grants Manager

Carla Redpath
co-founder - aftercare manager

We set up with 3 key aims:

  1. Save good causes money – every penny saved is money in the good causes pocket rather than being profit for a business.
  2. Raise new funds – If we could raise funds, we could make them unrestricted, meaning the cause could choose how to spend the funds to best support their cause.
  3. Create something sustainable – We wanted something that is truly sustainable, which helps with budgeting/forecasting and most importantly, growing the good cause.

Piloting the Idea

We piloted the idea under our original name (One Unite Partnership CIC) and found it to be a success. The first organisation we supported was Ferryhill Sports & Education Centre, they saved nearly £15,000 on their Gas & Electricity and raised £5,000.

They went on the spend these funds on much-needed repairs to their boiler, showers and set up a football academy which 50+ children enjoy on a weekly basis.

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Community Fundraising 

Working with Ferryhill Sports & Education Centre proved we could both save and raise funds. We also knew we could support them again when their contract ended making it sustainable.

However, after seeing how much impact £5,000 had in the community, we wanted to adapt the model to make it more sustainable.

We set up Give While You Save (a trading name for One Unite Partnership CIC), which enabled homes and businesses to utilise our services, then nominate a good cause to pass the commissions to.

Launching SwitchAid.org

When piloting One Unite Partnership CIC & Give While You Save we learnt many lessons, the most important one was that there is both a need and want for both fundraising schemes. We also learnt that many parents wanted to fundraise for their school through Give While You Save, which we added in early 2019.

To help good causes fundraise nationally, the two schemes were brought together to create SwitchAid.org.

True Sustainability

It is our belief that to make something truly sustainable, it must benefit everyone involved, that’s why we are proud to call SwitchAid.org sustainable.

It benefits the user by saving them money by switching energy & telecoms for free and the funds that are raised are commissions usually saved as profit.

SwitchAid.org was co-founded by three friends that owned businesses that supported the third sector/ they wanted to bring their skills together to create an idea that saved and raised funds for their causes they worked with.

Over time that idea became a sustainable fundraising scheme for good causes throughout the UK.