Save up to 45% on Business Energy
& raise funds for your cause

Energy is often one of the biggest costs for companies, and with costs going up,  getting the best deal has never been more important. 

We understand the market can be confusing, and honest advice can be hard to find – until now. SwitchAid are experts in energy for businesses, and as a not for profit are here to provide free and impartial advice. We help you keep your hard-earned cash in your pockets & raise some money for a charity of your choice at the same time!

Multi-site or Large Usage?

We understand the complex and demanding nature of managing multiple sites. As a corporate customer, you’ll get a dedicated account manager, a fully energy audit and flexible support to suit your business.

We will aim to bring your meters inline with the same end date, making it easier to manage in the future and ensuring you never over pay for any of your sites.

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Save Time and Protect Your Business

New Building or Office


Moving into a new premises can be stressful, there are 101 things to do.


At SwitchAid we have a team set up specifically to help your business get set up with ease.

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Change of Tenancy


Our change of tenancy team save you time and the hassle by working with you to swiftly gather the required information, switch existing accounts to your name then find the best prices on the market.

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Donation with Every Switch


SwitchAid is a not for profit that was set up to support your business to get the best deal on your energy contract. That means we are not commission lead, in fact we donate upto 80% of the profits from your switch to your cause.

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Here For You


When you get a quote SwitchAid, you’ll be offered the option of which charity or good cause you would like your donation to go to. If you decide to switch, your donation will be made on your behalf.

Your donation is created by the commission generated from your switch so you keep 100% of your savings and the service is completely free.

Save Up To 45% on Business Energy

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Why should I use SwitchAid for my business energy?

Utilities is one of, if not the biggest expense to most businesses and knowing you are on the right deal is essential to stability. It takes a lot of time to research, negotiate and understand the best utilities contracts. Then getting the new contract live on the correct date takes a lot of time and considerable effort.

Lack of time is the number one reason most charities accept renewal offers or worse, go out of contract. Like car insurance, renewal offers are always higher than the market rates, by accepting the offer you are over paying on your energy.

There is also a growing lack of trust in comparison websites and brokers, with deals being shown based on featured adverts or which makes the most pays the most commissions, this is largely due to the lack of regulations in the sector. SwitchAid is a not for profit scheme, we are here to find you the best deal, to prove it, you donate up to 80% of our profits from your switch to your chosen charity.

At SwitchAid, the depths of experience and knowledge means who often know who the best suppliers will be before going out to tender which is how we can save you up to 45% on your next energy contract.

Keep your focus and time on your business, SwitchAid will help you find the best deal and take the hassle away.

There's a lot of companies offering a similar service?

There are many energy comparison website and brokers, some of which are great at what they do and some, not so good.

SwitchAid was set up because of a growing lack of trust in the sector, largely due to its lack of regulations and the l. As a not for profit scheme, we are here to help you make the right choice for your business and to prove it we pass upto 80% of our profits generated from your switch back to you. The rest we keep to run SwitchAid.

Are there any costs to using SwitchAid?

No, SwitchAid use some of the commissions created by your switch to run and grow, the rest is given to us.  

This sounds too good to be true - what is the catch?

There isn’t one, really – you get access to experts in business energy at no cost and you donate our commissions to a charity of your choice.