Business Power Cloud VoIP Phone System

An effective phone system for your business will do more than just make calls. It can improve the experience of your customers & corporate supporters, help clients build trust with your company over the phone & increase staff productivity and efficiency by minimising distracting calls.

Our expert team will set up the “Plug & Play” business phone system and deliver it to you ready to use.

Increase sale & efficiency

In business, every call counts and having a flexible and affordable phone system is crucial to efficiently and effective running your business.

🗸Call Recording & Routing
🗸Virtual Receptionist
🗸Voicemail & Voicemail to email
🗸On hold Music

🗸 Unlimited UK Calls
🗸 Conference calls

🗸 Mobile App

🗸 Keep your number

Why use SwitchAid?

SwitchAid is a not for profit set up to support businesses to save money (keeping funds in your pocket) and raise funds for your chosen cause by passing on the commissions usually kept as profit.

We work with all major telecom suppliers and as we are not for profit we are 100% impartial. Meaning you get the lost prices on the market, often generating savings of up to 40%.

Benefits of VoIP for Businesses

All phone systems provided by SwitchAid are cloud hosted, meaning they are easy to set up, flexible and work around your business needs. 

Take your office with you and use your desk phone anywhere

Take landline calls in and out of the office, make outbound calls from your mobile presenting your landline office number and work seamlessly at home.

Quick & easy

With out-of-the-box setup and support from our specialist UK-based team, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Stay in control

Access and customise phone settings, users and reports at any time, in seconds.

Flexible, scaleable & affordable

Our telecoms system is cloud hosted, meaning they are easy to set up, flexible and work around your charities needs.

Desktop Handsets

Starting from only £55, all desktop handsets are pre-configured and ready to make and receive calls so you can simply plug in and use with no extra effort.



LIP-9071 V2

LIP-9071 V2

Wired HS-W1Mon Single Ear

HD Conference Phone – CP920

Save on Business Telecoms 

Tab Title

Monthly - PAYG
Softphone - computer & mobile app?
High-definition (HD) voice calls
Phone Number (DDI)
Reports & analytics
Get a Quote
Monthly - Basic
200 minutes included
Softphone - computer & mobile app?
High-definition (HD) voice calls
Call forwarding
Phone Number (DDI)
Reports & analytics
Get a Quote
36 month - Complete
FREE Handset included
2000 minutes included?
Softphone - computer & mobile app?
High-definition (HD) voice calls
Voicemail to email
Virtual receptionist
Custom hold music
Intelligent call routing
Hunt groups
3 Concurrent Calls
Phone Number (DDI)
Push/pull Live Calls
Reports & analytics
Get a Quote

Save more per user. 

Access all the features of our complete package plus much more and get access to a dedicated account manager.

  • Discounted handsets 
  • Discounted user license
  • Set-up support to help you maximise your account
  • Dedicated account manager you can call directly
  • Upgraded account analytics

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Can I keep my business number?

Yes, your number can be transferred to you VoIP system.

I have broadband already, can I use that?

Yes, our VoIP system works across any broadband. As VoIP runs over the internet, your broadband will need to be fast enough to run your VoIP systems and any other electrical devices that access your internet.

I have ADSL, will it be fast enough for VoIP?

Yes, although we would not recommend running more then 2 VoIP licenses, and 3 additional devices at once. We always recommend upgrading to fibre for more users and a higher quality of service.

Can I add and remove phones as and when I need to?

Yes, we offer multiple monthly packages which give you the flexibility to add and remove licences with only 30 days notice.

Can we support multiple sites?

Yes, as long as they have access to the internet. If you need additional broadband, check out our business broadband offers. Our team will help you set up your system to work seamlessly across every site.

How many phones can I have on one system?

There is no minimum or maximum. Your system is fully customisable to your needs.

Do I need a desktop handset?

No, every licence comes with a mobile app which can be used in both Android & IOS. If you wish to use the computer app, a pre-configured handset or headset.