Getting More From Your Grant

Most funders will only give grants based on the length of your project, meaning you can be restricted to shorter contract lengths at higher rates. This is not cost effective and forces you to renegotiate new terms regularly, costing more money and wasting time.

SwitchAid have been successful in building projects with suppliers that offered the savings of a long term contract on a shorter flexible term.

If you are in the process of applying for funding or have had funding approved, speak with-our team today. We may be able to provide the services you require in way that will be approved by your grant funder that is not available anywhere else.

How We Help

We will look to create a grant funding project that works around your organisations needs and is appealing for the supplier. That way, you may be able to include services that would not usually be approved by grant funders.

This approach has been successful for my many organisations, including those requiring flexible mobile data solutions, replacement handsets and essential upgrades to telecoms services.

As an independent organisation we can not make applications on your behalf, however with our support you may be able to increase the services you can access per funding application.

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