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Why Use SwitchAid

SwichAid turns the switching of mobiles into funds for your chosen cause.

Comparison websites are paid commission for your switch which they keep as profit. SwitchAid passes those commission onto a good cause of your choice.

By using SwitchAid you get access to the whole market, with deals from the top suppliers across all handsets including Apple, Samsung, Google & Sony.. 

Which means you get access to the best prices and raise funds for a cause you support.

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Compare all major networks, makes & models.

Got any questions?

What happens to “Cash Back” offers and other deal incentives when using SwitchAid?

You keep them. All deal incentives and cash backs are 100% yours. It will not affect the amount you raise for your chosen cause. To claim any incentives or cash backs please follow the instructions provided by your new supplier.

First you need to choose a good cause to support then choose your preferred search options to begin you find the right deal for you. You can filter by handset make/model, inclusive minutes, texts & data, network, monthly cost, contract length & upfront costs.

How do I compare mobile deals?

First you need to choose a good cause to support then choose your preferred search options to begin you find the right deal for you. You can filter by handset make/model, inclusive minutes, texts & data, network, monthly cost, contract length & upfront costs.

I need multiple mobile phones for my business, what should I do?

Speak with our business mobiles team. As a business that is purchasing multiple mobiles, you will be eligible to lower contract rates, shared data and possible discounts on handsets.

What is included in a mobile deal?

Mobile phone contracts vary by network but generally include:

Inclusive minutes: choose from a set number of inclusive call minutes. It is important to get the right amount if minutes included in your deal as excess usage will incur extra charges. Please note that not all calls are covered in your inclusive minute’s packages. For more information please speak with the contract provider.

Travelling abroad: When traveling abroad you will have to pay roaming charges if the country is not included within your roaming contract. For more information on traveling abroad, check with the supplier’s website once you have find a deal you feel is right for you.

Data: data usage is one of the most important factors when choosing a mobile contract. Take the time to understand how much data you will need to use on a monthly basis as extra changes will be applied for excess usage.

1GB (1024MB) allows you to send & receive about a million emails or 1,000 emails with attachments. You could download around 200 songs or stream 1 hour of high definition video. Be wary that many apps use data, some even when they are not open, to keep your data usage down please check your setting and change the data settings to “only when using the app”.

Inclusive texts: most mobile packages come with inclusive texts. Like the inclusive minutes, there will be a charge of over use.

Are there any costs to using SwitchAid?

No, there are no costs to use SwitchAid. You get access to the same mobile deals as any other comparison website. The only difference is that you can donate the commissions created by your switch to a good cause of your choice.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

SwitchAid is completely impartial and work with all major suppliers to ensure you have access to all networks, makes and models.

So you know you get access to the best deals and have the freedom to choose the right deal for you.

How does SwitchAid make money?

SwitchAid is a not for profit social enterprise which means we run as a business but give their profits back to good causes like us. We aim to give up to 80% of the profits generated from your switch to your chosen cause. The rest we use to pay our bills, staff and invest in improving

It can be a tough balancing act between giving back and keeping enough to run, so if we keep too much money we will put the excess profits into a foundation. you cause can then apply for that money…it’s our way to make sure the most money possible goes back to good causes.

This sounds too good to be true - what is the catch?

There isn’t one, really – you get access to the same prices as you would through any other comparison website or broker.

There are £millions in profits being made by businesses every year, SwitchAid was set up to put some of that money back into the pockets of your favorite cause.

How do we know the money raised is being used ethically?

All funds raised through SwitchAid are given back in the form of a grant. This means the cause you support tells how the money is being spent and send evidence at a later date.

How do I know how much I have raised?

The amount you raise depends on the deal you choose. Each supplier decides how much commission they give and there for how much you can raise for your switch.

Click here to see a full list of suppliers and how much you will raise with your switch.

When will my cause receive the funds I have raised?

SwitchAid release funds 3 times per year (April, August & December). When SwitchAid receives the funds raised from your switch, they will be added to the next grant period.

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