SwitchAid is a not for profit fundraising scheme that generates funds for your chosen cause by switching energy & telecoms for homes and businesses.

Comparison websites and energy brokers are paid commissions from suppliers, it’s how they make a profit and is standard in the industry!

By choosing to use SwitchAid, you can pass those commissions onto your favourite cause.

You keep 100% of your savings and there are no costs to switch…why switch anywhere else?

Who is SwitchAid for?

Good causes

SwichAid helps charities, not for profits, community centres, amateur sports clubs and schools. As long as you are supporting your local community, SwitchAid is for you.

Individuals & businesses

If you run a home or business and like to save money then SwitchAid is for you. Access the same prices as other switching sites, but raise funds for your chosen cause with the commissions usually kept as profit.

Access the best deals

Through SwitchAid you get access to the same prices as any comparison website or broker for energy & telecoms.

Individual/home switching

Use our Ofgem Accreditation comparison engine to access the whole market and find the best deal for your home energy.

Easily search through the latest mobile offers including iPhones, Samsung’s & Sim Only contracts along with the best broadband/TV packages available.

Business switching

Our specialist energy team compare the whole market to find the best prices for business gas & electric. They will also help you seamlessly switch making the whole process hassle-free.

We pride ourselves on finding the best price and service for business landline (VoIP) and mobiles. Meaning our team will find the best deals and recommend a package that will be flexible enough to meet your current and future needs.

Getting started

Find your chosen charity, good cause or school from those that are registered with SwitchAid, or add your cause if not listed.

Registering your cause or school is free and easy, just answer a few simple questions and you are ready to start receiving donations.

Visit Find a Cause, Add a Cause or Add a School today.

You can also add your company & raise funds for your chosen cause through your employees or customers.

Free fundraising

There are no costs to use any of the SwitchAid services and you keep 100% of your savings. All the funds raised for your chosen cause are created from the commissions that usually kept by businesses as profit. 

Comparison websites and energy brokers are paid commissions from suppliers, it’s how they make their profit and it’s standard in the industry!

SwitchAid simply pass those commissions onto your favourite cause. Win/Win.

Sustainable fundraising

SwitchAid will send you reminders and the latest deals that are relevant to you.

Meaning you never go out of contract and you can raise more funds for your chosen cause with every switch.

So you can easily switch, save & fundraise, all at no cost.