Reclaim up to
4 years overpayments

Pay 5% VAT
on future energy bills

Average turnaround
only 4 weeks

No win,
no fee

Reclaim Overpaid VAT For Up To 4 Years


As a free school, academy or trust you are eligible to a reduced 5% VAT rate on energy bills, however, thousands of school throughout the UK are paying the standard business rate of 20% VAT.

If you are currently or have paid 20% VAT in the past 4 years, you are overpaying for your energy. 

The good news is that you will be eligible for a rebate for the past 4 years, possibly adding up to thousands of pounds.

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Are You Eligible for a VAT Rebate?

If your organisation fulfils the following criteria:

» Free school.
» Academy.
» Not for profit/Trust.
» Paying 20% VAT.

To find out if you are due an energy rebate, either check your gas & electric bills or send us a copy and we will check for you.

Use/upload your highest bills of the year as any bill showing less 4,397 kWh/month of gas or 1,000 kWh/month of electricity will automatically lower your VAT to 5% and may not show your true VAT status.

Get a VAT Reclaim Review

How To Make a Claim?

Making a claim can be confusing and time-consuming.

If you are overpaying for your VAT and think you may be eligible for a VAT rebate, just send us your highest bills and our specialist will check with your supplier.

How Much Does It Cost?

 There are no up-front costs to make a claim and 100% of the rebate is paid to you.

SwitchAid is a not for profit that receives no government funding. Like every organisation we need to pay our staff, bills & taxes. So we run the school VAT Reclaim services as a  “No Win No Fee” service, (we know this is a horrible phrase and we are sorry but it makes it easy to understand).

Successful claims are charged 30% of your total rebate after it has been paid to you. If your rebate claim is unsuccessful for any reason you will not be charged in any way.

Get a VAT Reclaim Review

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