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Why Use SwitchAid?

SwitchAid is a not for profit set up to support the sector to save money (keeping funds in your pocket) and fundraise by passing on the commissions usually kept as profit.

We work with all major telecom suppliers and as we are not for profit we are 100% impartial. Meaning you get the lost prices on the market, often generating savings of up to 40%.

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Increase efficiency

For schools, every call counts and having a flexible and affordable phone system is crucial to efficiently and effective running your school.

 An effective phone system for your school will do more than just make calls. It can improve the experience of the parent, suppliers and increase efficiency of employees.

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Cost effective & quick to set up

From 2025, traditional landline will be cut off, which is why recommends VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems for charity telephones. For as little as £20/m you can utilise all the feature that large charities are using today. As well as monitor and keep a record of calls, allowing you to optimise your calling efforts for maximum return. As VoIP places your calls over the internet, voicemails can be sent to you by email so a quick call back can be arranged.

The SwitchAid team will set up the “Plug & Play” charity phone system and deliver it to you ready to use.  

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Flexible, Scalable & Sustainable

All phone systems provided by SwitchAid are to be easy to set up, flexible and work around your school needs.

Set Up For Your School

Our telecoms support team will help you utilise all your phones features, which can be changed at any time.

Save up to 40% on Telecoms for Education

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