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Energy is one of the biggest costs for most charities & not for profits, most are unaware of how to get the lowest prices and VAT reductions available, resulting in excess money leaving the sector.

SwitchAid is a not for profit set up to support the sector to save money (keeping funds in your pocket) and fundraise by passing on the commissions usually kept as profit.

We work with all major energy suppliers and as we are not for profit we are 100% impartial. Meaning you get the lowest prices on the market, often generating savings of up to 40%.

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Save on your Gas & Electric

As a not for profit, our aim is to save your organisation as much money as possible on your Gas & Electric costs. We believe that every penny you save is a penny towards achieving your charitable or organisations aims.

There is no cost for the service and we aim to take all of the stress and headaches away.

All we ask is for a copy of your most recent bills and for you to agree for us to speak to suppliers on your behalf to allow us to tender for the best deal possible.

Your specialist advisor will then talk you through your options in an easy to understand proposal.

If you decide to switch we will take care of it for you then notify you once your new energy supply has gone live.

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Up to 80% of Our Profits Back To you

When we place your organisation with a supplier they will give us a commission, this is standard in the industry, that’s why there no cost for our service.

What makes us different is that we pass up to 80% of our commission back you to you.

This way we are helping you keep funds in your organisation, and raise additional funds at the same time.

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Charity Energy Deals - SwitchAid

Save up to 40% on Charity Energy

Tell us a bit about your needs an we will be in touch soon to see what you can save!

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