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Save up to 30% on Charity Mobiles

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Mobile Phone Deals for Charities

SwitchAid works with all major providers and is 100% independent, meaning we can compare all networks with any handset to find the best deal for your organisation.

Getting the right mobile contract can be difficult and often the biggest cause of overpayment for most charities is either over or underestimating data usage.

We regularly save charities up to 30% on the cost of their contract as well as raise funds for your cause with your switch.

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How we make such big savings?

SwitchAid analyses your past usage and utilising our experience of working in the third sector to recommend the best tariff for you.

We can also provide shared data across all mobiles, significantly reducing data costs, often by up to 30%.

As a good cause, you are eligible to get business mobiles deals, which can greatly reduce the costs of the handsets and the contracts. You will also access additional controls that minimise overspend, including data usage alert, bars for overspend and flexible bolt-ons to meet your changing needs.

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Lower Your Charities Mobile Bills


Mobile Phone - Unlimited Calls

Unlimited minutes across the UK & EU

Make unlimited calls or texts anytime and anywhere, to or from the UK and EU for no extra charge.

Dual Sim - Share Mobile Data

Share data across all mobile usage in the UK & EU

International use of data across the UK & EU spread across all devices. Extra data can be added if required.

Flexible Mobile Upgrades

Flexible upgrades

Access upgrades to handsets & extensions once you have exceeded 25% of the committed contract term.

Mobile - Usage Alerts

Add usage alerts to designated users

Add alerts when 60% of data allowance had been used. Check usage per user to minimise over usage and overspend.

Mobile Overspend Bars

Add overspend bars

Set an overspend limit per device to automatically bar further usage until approval given. Minimising overspend.

Save up to 30% on Charity Mobiles

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