3 Months Funded for Charities & Not for Profits

Profession Phone System for Charities

Cloud Phone VOIP is a revolutionary phone system for charities and not for profits powered by our partners at Circleloop. Access all the features of a professional phone system without the hardware costs and FREE for 3 months for a limited time.

From 2025, traditional landline will be cut off, which is why SwitchAid recommends VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems for charity telephones.

For 3 Months, your charity can utilise all the feature that large charities are using today totally FREE (usually starting from £5/m)

No Set Up Fees

There are no needs for desktop handsets or expensive cabling with Cloud Phone VOIP. Simply download the software to your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

You will just need access to broadband or a 4G/5G network as the phone system runs over the internet.

Increase Donations & Efficiency

For good causes, every call counts and having a flexible and affordable phone system is crucial to efficiently and effective running your charity.

 An effective phone system for your charity will do more than just make calls. It can improve the experience of fundraisers & corporate supporters, promote events & increase donations and increase the efficiency of employees by minimising distracting calls.

3 Months FUNDED Cloud Phone VOIP for Charities & Not for Profits

To support charities and not for profits during this difficult time, we are proud to off Cloud Phone VOIP complete funded for 3 months.

 Simply sign up to get the “Unlimited” Tariff (Usually £15/m) completely Funded for 3 months.