Refuse Cafe – Case Study

Company Background

REfUSE is Durham’s branch of The Real Junk Food Project: a rapidly growing network of organisations challenging criminal levels of food waste. We intercept food before it becomes waste and turn it into healthy, accessible meals, served on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ basis.

Re-f-use CIC


Refuse has recently moved into their cafe and were working hard to getting everything up and running. During a really busy period they had a negative experience in relation to their electricity switch and were cautious about switching their gas contract.


The SwitchAid team recognised that, not only was it important to find a great deal for Refuse Durham, but also to support them to choose a deal that was right for their needs and to let them know they had control of the process.

We spoke with a number of suppliers, not only based on the current needs of the cafe, but also their future needs. After a short discussion, Refuse Durham opted for a tariff that would generate increased savings over the length of their contract as their usage is expected to increase year on year.


Raised – £273

Testimonial has been great, they contacted us last year at a time when we were in the middle of stressful building work trying to get the café ready to open and we were approached by various energy consultants who I felt were trying to hoodwink and exploit us.

What SwitchAid has done is advise not sell, which has taken away all the worry about our energy supplier and we’ve recently received our first cash payment of over a £100 with the expectation that this is the first of many regular payments. This will potentially unlock hundreds of pounds on a regular basis and by supporting us in this way SwitchAid is contributing toward making our not-for-profit business model more sustainable.”

Nikki Dravers, co-founder of REfUSE

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