Their Story

Street League are a Charity who help young people get into education and work through sport. Where traditional schooling and exams are the most common way to begin your career, they are not the only route. Your future can be made outside the classroom. Street League focus on giving young people the chance to develop in a proactive environment without the pressure of traditional teaching methods.

The Problem

SwitchAid completed an audit of street Leagues current mobile account and usage. The audit identified:

  • a number of sim cards/mobile numbers that were no longer being used.
  • data was being purchased on a “per sim” basis.
  • some users were using more data than their sim contract allowed which generated overspend.
  • standard pricing was often used for new sims rather than latest available deals

Street Leagues monthly costs grew over time to become expensive and a major cost for the charity.


Street League have 100+ staff members, all needing mobile phones with calls and data.

With any staff team, numbers can fluctuate, meaning managing the account and monitoring usage can be difficult.

The Solution

SwitchAid worked closely with Street League to create a plan to reduce their costs and gain a greater control of their account and spending.

We proposed for the account to stay the same supplier –, a business mobile specialist. Meaning there was no disruption to the service and all users could keep the same sim cards and numbers.

To reduce costs, any unused sim cards were cancelled and overspend bars were added.

Using the Audit, SwitchAid were able to identify the total monthly data usage across the charity and created a “shared data plan”. This meant, rather than paying for data per user, we added a shared data Bolt-on that was a pooled resource all sims could access, reducing the overall data the charity paid for without restricting the data available.

From agreeing the new terms, the whole process was completed in a matter weeks.

SwitchAid continue to work closely with Street League, adding new users regularly while utilising the latest deals available. Also notifying Street League of any contracts ready for renewal or can be cancelled, ensuring the most cost effective terms at all times.

The Benefits

Savings: £69,000 – (expected over 3 years)

Grants: £14,800 – over 3 years

Account management:  with the support of SwitchAid, manging the account and minimising additional costs has become easier and more transparent.

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