Business Broadband vs Home Broadband – Which is best for your charity?

Business Broadband Vs Home Broadband

Broadband is broadband right? Well not really.

There are a number of key differences between business broadband and home broadband:

Customer support

This is one that most people don’t consider when choosing broadband but defiantly notice when there is an issue.

Business broadband will receive prioritised customer service, better tech support and also faster response times when there is an issue.

Home broadband & business broadband support can be fast when there is an issue with the performance of the speed within the building (issue with router or basic settings).

However, most business broadband providers guarantee that any faults with your line will be fixed within 24 hours, and on higher-tier packages you can get that down to just a couple of hours. Unfortunately, home broadband packages often don’t include these guarantees.


Service level agreements

The reason most businesses received a higher level of service is because there is a writer serviced level agreement (SLA). The SLA guarantees that the broadband provider can deliver and maintain an agreed level of services. These often include speeds, reduced downtime and faults fixed within a specified time.

You may be eligible for compensation if an SLA is not adhered too.

If your organisation needs a good, reliable broadband connection, speed, tech service and support – business broadband is the easy choice.



Business broadband is often a lot faster the home broadband. This makes it easier to make website updates, stream videos, make video calls and run multiple devices from the same broadband connection.

Most providers will offer fibre with download speeds of up to 76mbps some after speeds up to 1GB.

Speeds are faster and more reliable as business broadband is priorities over home broadband. The connection ration (number of buildings connected to a single broadband line) is much lower for businesses then for homes.

Standard contention ratios used to be around 50:1 for home broadband, and 20:1 for business broadband – but BT says these figures are no longer completely accurate.

Dedicated lines (Leased lines) are available which restrict the number of businesses on a line to only one business. These guarantee much higher speeds (up to 1Gb or higher) and reliability. For a leased line quote please email us on or call us on 0191 303 9404.



Both home and business broadband will come with a level of internet security. With business broadband, most providers will include a higher level of “business focused” security software. These are designed to protect your broadband connection from hackers and keep your data safe.

Some providers even offer additional protection in the form of regular back ups and the use of a VPN.


Static IP

A static IP is a number assigned by your provider that identifies your computer or device when it goes online. It works similarly to a home address or a phone number: when you use the internet, the network uses your IP address, so it knows where to send data to.

It enables you to access your computer remotely, access your emails and connect devices to your broadband connection securely.



Home broadband will often come with calls either included or as an optional extra. The features of the phone line are basic and often only allow for one to one calls and for one call to be made/received at one time.

Some business broadband providers will also include or offer calls as an option extra, however, business broadband also opens your organisation up to more powerful VoIP based phone systems. These are cloud based and run over your internet connection.  These offer multiple call lines, a huge range of features and are often cheaper than traditional phone systems.



Business broadband does tend to be more expensive then home broadband – however the price difference is not as big as most people first expect.

Often the difference in price can be as little as a few pounds per month.


The verdict

We would always recommend business broadband to any organisation that is looking for a faster, safer, and more reliable option.


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